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water break


egret #4


fox kit #2


four kits




raven #5


songbirds on the mesa


male bluebird


male meadowlark


9th Annual International Color Awards

Last night the winners and nominees were announced.  Very happy to have learned I received two nominations this year!

 Sports category:

Vail Beach Surf

Nature category:


Black Canyon Fall Colors

monte vista crane fesitval

Ray and I left at 3:30 am to catch the sunrise in the San Luis Valley on Sunday.  We were curious to see how many cranes would be there during the festival.

There were more cranes than the last visit but not the numbers I expected.  (Interesting article on Early-arriving sandhill crane migration has experts curious )  

The sunrise was beautiful. Really love this place!






I’m a little obsessed with owls so we drove around a bit after sunrise searching the Cottonwood trees on the refuge.  I spotted a few nesting Great Horned Owls in the trees.

This pair were close enough to get a good shot:


male great horned owl protecting nest nearby

I put my extender 1.4x on my lens so not to disturb the owls.


female great horned owl in nest


If you want to read up on the cranes I found an informative article on the Sandhill Crane migration in the Smithsonian


monte vista wildlife refuge

This past weekend we went to the Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge.  We wanted to go to the Bosque del Apache but noticed the dwindling numbers of cranes on various birdwatching sights, so we researched Monte Vista and the Sandhill Cranes stop at the refuge to refuel before they continue up North.

We were blown away, it was not like anything we have ever experienced, truly amazing. Birds were just pouring in from every direction and the mountains in the background were stunning.  We at times were laughing because there was so much going on in every direction that I was spinning around with my camera shooting like crazy.  The sound that filled the air was insane.  It’s hard to imagine this is all going on just 2 1/2 hours away from where we live!








pair of great horned owls


great horned owl







bald eagle

There is a Monte Vista Crane Festival in March to celebrate the cranes arrival.  Not one for crowds we picked a good weekend to go, very few people were around.


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