snowy owl

by Mary Beth

I’m very excited I got a few photos of a Snowy Owl here on Block Island.  I didn’t try at all this winter to get any shots of the owls because my biggest lens a 70-200mm would not get me close enough to get a good photo.  But the other day I went on a walk with my friend Greta and we spoke of the owls here on the island and she told me she had not seen one yet.  As we got to the North Lighthouse we caught a glimpse of an owl flying towards Sandy Point and laughed because we were so busy looking for sea glass that we didn’t see the owl in the dunes.  Much to our delight we not only spotted one owl but two owls on the sand at Sandy Point and they let us get very close.  Unfortunately I did not bring my camera.

The next morning I decided to walk out to the North Lighthouse again to see if the owls would still be hanging out and not have flown North yet.  The Universe was kind to me that day. One Snowy Owl was sitting there on the beach with incredible waves crashing and spraying plumes of water everywhere.


I had an audience I realized after photographing the owl, two very funny seals interested in what I was doing.