monte vista crane fesitval

by Mary Beth

Ray and I left at 3:30 am to catch the sunrise in the San Luis Valley on Sunday.  We were curious to see how many cranes would be there during the festival.

There were more cranes than the last visit but not the numbers I expected.  (Interesting article on Early-arriving sandhill crane migration has experts curious )  

The sunrise was beautiful. Really love this place!






I’m a little obsessed with owls so we drove around a bit after sunrise searching the Cottonwood trees on the refuge.  I spotted a few nesting Great Horned Owls in the trees.

This pair were close enough to get a good shot:


male great horned owl protecting nest nearby

I put my extender 1.4x on my lens so not to disturb the owls.


female great horned owl in nest


If you want to read up on the cranes I found an informative article on the Sandhill Crane migration in the Smithsonian